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Arc #1 "Daily Dose of Introductions"

0001 "Drama be with me tonight"
0002 "Long road to no where"
0003 "Could 'ya do me a favor?"
0004 "Doublement twins are not we"
0005 "Not nose ring, plot device"
0006 "Nice to meat 'ya'"
0007 "One Blind Cat" Part-1
0008 "One Blind Cat" Part-2
0009 "Popping the big question"
0010 "The Cold Truth"

Fillers & Such, yeah they need space of their own.

wp001 Kitty Mantra!!! (NOT FILLER, REALLY!)
wp002fd A fathers day tribute from a badly drawn Merriam
f001 RJ role playing character "filler"
f002 Mongoose character concept "filler"
f003 Pretty armor not related to comic filler "filler"
f004 Jade Sketch, for profile "filler"
f005 Tere splash preview "filler"
f006 '04 Birthday Spectacular "filler"
f007 Titan "hella badassed kinda guy"
f008 Mabsland Guest Comic "Funny"

Fanart, the stuff I do when I should be doing this site.

001 Mabs Land tribute to Cheets & Mab!

GIFT ART! Huzzah!!!

001 My daughter Janet drew this form me!!!


contact me; tmccaine[at]peoplepc[dot]com

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